We are investigating issues in the backend. Your shares and hashrate are safe and we will fix things ASAP.

  • Findblocks disabled, new blocks will currently not show up in the frontend
  • Blockupdate disabled, blocks and transactions confirmations are delayed
  • Payouts disabled, you will not receive any coins to your offline wallet for the time being
  • Welcome to acc-pool.pw Neuro (NRO) SHA256 mining pool!

    Welcome to acc-pool.pw Neuro (NRO) SHA256 mining pool.

    Pool Details
    Payout System Proportional Payout
    Pool Fees 1%
    Withdrawal Fee 0.002 NRO
    Difficulty Selections Automatic or Selectable (2 - 16384)
    Stratum Support Yes
    Payout Options Automatic or Manual
    Pool Infrastructure Solid State

    Stratum Connection Details
    Mining Difficulty Stratum Connection String Miner Hashrate
    16 stratum+tcp://nro.acc-pool.pw:24422 ? GH/s
    32768 stratum+tcp://nro.acc-pool.pw:22422 > 16384 GH/s